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Sex addicts phone meetings

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,eetings program is spiritual in nature and includes the belief in a Higher Power, but it is not affiliated with any religion, sect, or denomination. Sed concept of a Higher Power can be whatever neetings want it to be. Some use the group itself as something more Sex addicts phone meetings than themselves. How do I get a sponsor? It is recommended that you attend meetings regularly and listen Sex addicts phone meetings to those members who share and do service at your meetings. Addidts there is someone with whom you share a common story, or you respect their level of recovery, or you think this person can be meetihgs to you in pjone, you simply approach this person and ask him phobe her to be your sponsor.

It is recommended that you do not choose a person of the gender to which you are attracted. What do we do with the money we collect at meetings? In addition, a group should keep a prudent reserve amount to be determined by the group; usually approximately 2 months worth of operating expenses. Where does the money go at F. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but it will give you a general concept about where your contributions go: Printing and postage; manufacture of products books, pamphlets, World Directory, the Journal, F. Newsletter, medallions, chips, flyers, ABM materials, etc, ; salaries of staff members; payroll taxes; unemployment insurance; employee benefits; education and training of staff; utilities; rent; telecommunication expenses; service contracts e.

Can we use outside literature at our meetings? No, we cannot give information to third parties. This is information about S. You can find this pamphlet on our free pamphlet download page. The first steps you take on the path to recovery can be daunting, but most who stick with it find that the journey itself is one of the greatest blessings of recovery. Here are some suggestions to get started: Meetings are essential, especially in the early days. Check our area Meeting List. Talk to a recovering addict: Get some phone numbers and use them, often. Do not worry about being a burden.

The primary purpose of each S. Each phone call helps two people … you and the person you call.

Talk to your sponsor daily, or Sex addicts phone meetings, or as often as needed. Embrace a higher power: If you have a problem with God, in the traditional sense, you are in good company. Proceed with patience, and an open mind. Start working the steps: Do this with a sponsor, and start soon! Then, move to Step Two. Do each step, in its proper order and in the proper time. Do not insist on perfection, except for Step One. Your embracing of the Twelve Steps will be a life-long endeavor. Make recovery the focus of your life: Talking to your sponsor or another addict, getting to meetings, reading the literature available at most meetingsprayer and meditation, and clearing the debris by getting rid of any and all accoutrements of your past life phone lists, pornography, magazine subscriptions, toys, etc.

Fill your new life with spiritually uplifting thoughts and activities. An overview of S. You may also find literature at most meetings. If you find you want to stop and can't, you may be a sexaholic. Lust has become an addiction. Our situation is like that of the alcoholic who can no longer tolerate alcohol and must stop drinking altogether. So it is with the sexaholic, or sex drunk, who can no longer tolerate lust but cannot stop. But there is hope. We have found that we are powerless over lust, and we have found sobrity in this daily program of spiritual recovery.

By working the Twelve Steps of recovery, we have been able to stay sexually sober for years, one day at a time. If you want what we have, we are here to help. There are around 20 meetings a week across the state of Nebraska and three of those are phone meetings for anyone who aren't located close to a physical meeting. Here's what you'll find on this web site: If you're a newcomer trying to decide if SA is a resource for you, you'll find explanations of the program in the newcomer section. If you are a woman facing problems with sexual acting out, you'll find specific information for you here.

Beyond local meetings, events include regional and national retreats and conventions as well as opportunities to serve through SA Nebraska Intergroup meetings. Between meetings, many of us find that audio programs can help our recovery. In this section you'll find audio recordings of local speaker meetings and retreats.

FAQ & Beginners Resources

Links includes connections to our national office and other programs. If you're Sexx inmate who may be struggling with sexual addiction, you can find out about our program of support for you here. Finally, for more individualized information, contact us. If you are here because of your concern for the behavior of a loved one or friend, you may need a support program of your own. S-Anon is a program of recovery for those who have been affected by someone else's sexual behavior, and can be a great resource that we suggest you look into.