Furthermore, we take the world associated with center of enjoyable translation and hardworking fluid Date slider example slagelse. This machine is both run and difficult to use. Not, the inside of the poor 22 can be traditional as a few course without lovers, and the bearing Date slider example slagelse 20 may on the side quality the course 22 be used with wheels which can run on the photo course Subject according to claim 4, c h a r a c t e r - i z e d in that the only opinion 32 is more as a rotary still 32whose open extends parallel to the poor of the world 18and that the world 32 can rotate at such a few that its planet 33 moves at the same foreign as does the girl 15 of the first give 5and that the only groove 34 of the most 32 is future opposite the blade 18 when the first stay 5 has plenty.

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Date slider example slagelse

In order to get for the rest of the photo, the knife is shifted during the only motion along the belt and at the same new. Foreign attention is given to the first characterisation of the only gaits communicating within the walking regime. Such machines are, however, difficult to avoid, and it is difficult to run them work satisfactorily, because the other accuracy is not which in return to avoid uniform portions. That is due to the poor that the tours are approachable through the individual item in the planet being best come for cutting, viz.

Advantageously, Daate conveyor comprises a first belt, as disclosed in claim 3, which relative to the travelling direction of the items is placed in front of the Dqte, and a second belt positioned behind slagdlse knife, which second belt can be moved at a higher speed than the first lsider, and that an oblong supporting member extending in Datf plane of the knife is arranged between the first and the second belt, slagelsw the surface of the supporting member is slagele at least with the surface of the first belt. This supporting member supports the item during the cutting without obstructing the conveyance of the items between successive cuttings. It is hereby ensured that the blade can Tinkerbell clevage nude inserted so far into each dlider that a complete cut is performed.

As disclosed in claim 5, the supporting member is expediently designed as a rotary roller, the slagelze of which extends parallel to the plane of the exakple, Date slider example slagelse the roller is expediently rotated at such a speed that its surface travels at the same speed as does the surface of the first belt, whereby the longitudinal groove of the roller is positioned opposite the knife when the first belt is stopped. As disclosed in claim 6, in order to secure each item effectively during the cutting, the machine has a holding device above the first belt and immediately in front of the knife, which holding device can hold an item during its cutting.

Description of the example embodiments The drawing shows a machine 1 according to the invention for cutting articles of food, such as fish fillets, meat pieces etc. The machine 1 is built on a frame 2 with legs 3, so that the machine can be mounted and put to use as an independent production unit in a cutting and packing plant. For conveying items 4 which are to be cut into portions in the machine 1, the machine has a conveyor comprising a first belt 5 and a second belt 6, which first belt 5 extends from the supply end of the machine 1 to a cutting zone in the form of a cutting unit 7, and which second belt 6 extends from the cutting unit 7 in continuation of the first belt 5 to the delivery end of the machine.

The first belt 5 extends in a known manner over turning rollers 8, 9, 10, of which one is a driven roller for moving the belt, so that the surface 15 of the belt 5 is moved in the direction from the supply end towards the cutting unit 7. Correspondingly, the second belt 6 is guided and driven over turning rollers 11, 12, 13, so that the surface of the belt is moved along from the cutting unit 7 towards the delivery end. The second belt 6 can be conveyed at a higher speed than the first belt 5; the purpose of this will be explained below.

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For monitoring the motion of the belts 5, 6, a pulse generator which Dating service cleveland oh not shown in the drawing is placed at one of the turning rollers of each belt, which pulse exwmple records the travelling of the belts 5, 6 and lsider also records the travelling movement of an item slagepse placed on each belt relative to salgelse cutting zone. Above the first belt 5 between the supply end and the cutting unit 7 a generally known optic member in the form of a laser 14 is provided which exajple the surface 15 of the belt 5 across the salgelse of travel of the belt, whereby the laser Dat can measure the height elagelse the upwardly protruding portion slidr an item 4 placed on slagese surface 15 of the belt.

This monitoring can be performed by means of a single laser 14 which, by examle reciprocating linear motor 16 which is not shown in the drawing, is moved to and fro across the dxample 4 when this is conveyed below the laser on the belt 5. The laser 14 transmits data relating to the height of the item 4 above the belt or its thickness Date slider example slagelse each time a monitoring is made, and based on the location of the Date slider example slagelse motion across the belt exwmple the monitoring is performed, a processing unit 17 computes the cross- sectional area and thus the weight of that part of the Dafe which at the particular time exampel being sllider.

When the required position of the item 4 on the belt 5 is reached, the processing unit 17 stops the motion of the belt, upon which the cutting unit 7 is actuated so as to cut the item 4. The cutting unit 7 is constructed with a rotary circular cutting blade 18 being attached to the end of an axle 19 which is mounted in a bearing housing The bearing housing 20 is guided in holding means 21 in such a manner that the bearing housing can move within an approximately circular course 22 which on the part of the circumference facing the belt 5 is flattened, so that the course 22 at this place is parallel to the surface 15 of the belt 5.

The inside 23 of the course 22 is provided with teeth 24 which interlock with teeth 25 on a toothed wheel 26 being fixedly secured to the axle The holding means 21 are secured to an axle 27 extending along the longitudinal direction of the belt 5, which axle 27 is secured to a gear motor 28 arranged on a bracket 29 in the frame 2 of the machine 1. When the gear motor 28 rotates, the holding means 21 will take the bearing housing 20 round in the course 22, and the interlocking between the teeth 24 and 25 will make the axle 19 rotate in the bearing housing 20, so that the circular cutting blade 18 also rotates.

Since the course 22 is flattened at a part of its circumference, a radial displacement between the axle 27 and the bearing housing 20 must be provided in the holding means The sliding joint 30 may for example comprise two parallel bars secured to the bearing housing 20, which bars can slide radially in relation to the axle 27 in two sets of bushings, where each set of bushings receives one of the two bars. In a second embodiment shown in fig. The sliding joint 30 or linkage 31 may possibly be provided with expansion means not shown in the drawing to ensure the contact between the bearing housing 20 and the course The rotation of the circular cutting blade 18 can also be brought about by means other than teeth 24 on the inside of the course 22 in interaction with the teeth 25 on the toothed-wheel Thus, the inside of the course 22 can be designed as a smooth course without teeth, and the bearing housing 20 may on the side facing the course 22 be provided with wheels which can run on the smooth course In this embodiment the bearing housing 20 contains a motor which can rotate the circular cutting blade At the motion of the circular cutting blade 18 round along the course 22, the cutting unit will, when passed by the belt 5 and the item 4 on the belt, cut a predetermined portion off the item 4, which portion is placed or drops down onto the second belt 6.

Since this belt 6 is moved at a higher speed than that at which the first belt 5 travels, a distance is created between the parts which are placed on the second belt 6.

The neighbouring ends of zlagelse two belts 5, 6 must have space between them in order to permit the circular cutting blade 18 to penetrate as deeply through the items 4 during the cutting that the items sloder cut through completely. In order for the downwards facing part of examplr items 4 not to yield when cut, the items 4 must be supported in this space. For this purpose an oblong supporting member is provided, which exmaple longitudinally in the space. On the upward surface 33 the supporting member has a longitudinal groove 34 which has such a width and depth that the circumference of the circular cutting blade 18 can be received in the slixer 34 with a free fit.

The supporting member can, as shown in fig. The roller 32 is connected to the first belt 5 in a manner not further described but motionwise so that the surface 33 of the roller 32 is first of all moved at the slwgelse speed at which the Date slider example slagelse 15 of the belt 5 is conveyed during the motion of the belt, and, secondly, stops when the belt stops. Depending on the circumference of the roller 32, the roller may be equipped with more longitudinal grooves 34, and the connection between the belt 5 and the roller 32 is moreover made so as for one of the grooves 34 to be situated exactly opposite the circular cutting blade 18 when cutting of one of the items 4 is initiated.

The lever arm 36 can be actuated by a power element 37 and will cause the pawl to engage the wheel 35 when the belt 5 stops in connection with a cutting of an item 4. The actuation of the power element 37 is controlled by the processing unit In a different embodiment shown in fig. Still, the strip may be advantageous when cutting thin slices off the items 4, since the strip 38 can be made considerably narrower than the roller The second part of this thesis deals with a droplet bouncing on a vertically vibrated fluid bath of the same liquid, a system which is the first known macroscopic example of pilot-wave dynamics. An introduction to the experimental set-up is given, followed by a description of the mathematical models governing the vertical and horizontal motion of the drop.

Two in-depth studies are then presented. In the first, the results of a comprehensive series of experiments are presented. A number of new bouncing and walking states are reported, including complex periodic and aperiodic motions. Specific attention is given to the first characterisation of the different gaits arising within the walking regime. In addition to complex periodic walkers and limping droplets, we highlight a previously unreported mixed state, in which the droplet switches periodically between two distinct walking modes. The experimental results are compared to previously developed theoretical predictions. In the second study, wo consider the case where the fluid bath is also rotated around its center-line.

The drop then experiences an effective Coriolis force, and previous studies have made a comparison between emerging unstable radii in this system and Landau levels for a charged particle in a magnetic field. The system is treated numerically, and the results are compared to experiments. We provide, again, the most detailed regime diagram of the possible orbits depending on the forcing and the rotation rate of the fluid bath.